Hanna Morjan: About myself: Arriving Summer 1989 in Findhorn for my “Experience week” and a “Sacred dance” workshop it was clear to me from the very beginning that this was a magic place, a place for me to live, to love, to learn. It felt like the Spirit of Findhorn was inviting me to dance with it.

I now live in the Findhorn community for more than 26 years and have worked in most areas of the Findhorn Foundation: from dancing the kitchen dance (learning to cook for up to 250 people) to be part of the management team, from welcoming new arrivals in the visitor centre to focalising Experience Weeks, an introductory week into the community: “Changing the world from inside out”.

I am a qualified Game of Transformation® guide, teach Sacred Dance for many years and lead the morning Taize singing. For the last 23 years I am deeply involved with the “Festival of Sacred Dance, Song & Music”, one of my highlights of the summer allowing me to dance morning afternoon and night.

During my time in Education I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and train with Joanna Macy, a deep ecologist and Buddhist and “The work that reconnects” and to organize several workshops with her.

For 6 years I was the manager of the Universal Hall, a unique theatre and conference centre and meeting point for the Findhorn Foundation and Community where I learned the mysteries of sound, light and projection.

As a faculty member of the Ecovillage training I familiarize the participants with the work of Joanna Macy who developed tools and rituals to support us on our journey to more authenticity.

This is my passion to integrate joyful celebration, ritual, and spirituality through art, song, music and dance, with a deep commitment to live a sustainable life. And this is what I will bring to Kalikalos.