In “Go yourself free” with Walking In Your Shoes, you set out for yourself. This phenomenological-systemic body work leads to liberating perceptions and to a deep and peaceful feeling of being connected with yourself and your
surroundings. It is like a short Pilgramage to yourself in the knowing field.


                                                                    „ Who goes his own way will grow wings.“ – Indian saying

In this systemic-phenomenological body work you can in a wonderfully easy way learn how to understand yourself and others better. Anxieties, blockades, pains, conflicts, unpleasant diffuse feelings and necessary re-orientations with
their decision processes worry us and disturb our need for inner and outward peace. With „Walk Yourself Free !“ ,comparable to systemic family posing and psychodrama, we get involved in the solution process and literally let it „walk“.
This is the so-called „Walking in Your Shoes“ which in an emphatic way gives us liberating insights and makes our potentials lie open and get stronger. The method thus works as a door-opener and a companion.

Basically it works in a very simple way. We anyway move in a so-called „knowing“ field. There are answers to our questions, otherwise we would not be in the position to ask questions at all. The questener/seeker asks a walker to enter the topic of the personal challenge and to „walk“ it. „I am the conflict, the pain,… or the professional potential of X…“ A walker gets involved with this feeling, walks it in the knowing space and depicts his sensations on all levels of body-consciousness. Other walkers, e.g. for potentials and resources, can join in. By asking targeted questions a spectacle of solutions is generated which is in the end also entered by the „questener/seeker”, who thus experiences his/her own transformation process. This has an effect of release and encouragement for the new way of life. Questions of education, the blind spot, potentials, or topics of close persons and beings who have difficulties to articulate themselves can also be „walked“. Thus many a „Walk yourself free session“ ends in a
happy dance. Music is provided !


                                                            Hermine is offering the Millennia-old fire ceremony Angnihotra



There is hardly anything comparable that is so easy, so cleansing and the subtle energy so positivly increasing as the Angnihotra ceremonies.

Homa-therapy is the technical term from Vedic science of bioenergy which designates a process of removal of toxic states by means of fire. This means healing and purifying the atmosphere with the help of fire.

Through a material process based on the interaction of different energy frequences of the fire in the copper-pyramid an inwardly and externally relaxing atmosphere that facilitates a process of renewal arises. During Agnihotra You may notice a dwindling of pressure on the psyche, creating peace with yourself and the natural enviroment.

The rituals of sunrise and sunset are prepared punctually 10 minutes in advance. The fire is inflamed in a copper bowl. Exactly at sunrise the mantra starts, accompanied by a small sacrifice. The ceremony itself lasts about seven minutes.


Hermine Ohner is working at the PROJOG Institute. There she is in charge of the development of trainings in phenomenological , systemic body work, innovative trauma-therapy and Ayur-Yoga. In Austria her offers have been granted the Austrian seal Ö-Cert of approval and are approved for educational leave.