Kate Nirlipta’s philosophies have evolved from her life experiences and guidance from many Yoga Masters and Healers. She studied with leading teachers in India, Indonesia and Australia.
Kate completed Massage Healing in Australia with the Wholistic Learning Centre in 1993. She deepened her knowledge with Kunye (Tibetan Healing) and Acupressure. Studied Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage at the Centre for Human Transformation in Melbourne. She worked at the
‘Nachanuka Healing Centre, Tilba, NSW, Managed the Townsville Massage Clinic and has successfully ran her own session room for many years with a large client following. She brings to her work compassion for each individual and gives encouragement to clients to achieve balance and contentment in their daily lives.
Using her wealth of experience and knowledge, Kate brings the philosophy and practice of yoga to life through her
Healings, Classes, Retreats and Teacher Trainings. People are given a practice that meets their particular situation.