Counselling Psychologist & Lecturer at York St. John University (U.K.) Dr. Nicholas Sarantakis will facilitate during his stay three thematic, experiential group sessions named a) ‘Looking into ourselves through mindfulness and imagery’, b) ‘Acting out our life stories’ and c) ‘Dancing out the waves of our emotions’   (based on evidence-based approaches on experiential therapies, mindfulness and dance/body psychotherapy).

This is an opportunity for guests and volunteers of all three centers of the Kalikalos Hostistic Network who would be interested to explore and share with others their journey of self-awareness and self-actualisation. This could mean looking into our identity and personal meanings, how we reflect on our past and present, how we envisage ourselves in the future and how we can all grow and self-actualise, through shedding light into our strengths, limitations, desires and struggles, as well as our relationships with significant others.

The sharing will take place within a confidential and safe group context, which will include interactive experiential games and exercises, where we can all learn from each other, be with other fellow travellers in our inner journey and give and receive care, empathy and compassion.

Nicholas also offers individual counselling/self-awareness sessions.

If you would like to receive more information about the group, or have an informal discussion about the group, you may contact Nicholas directly at: