During my time at Kalikalos, I look forward to facilitating Circling and other practices (Authentic Relating Games and Forum) that serve to deepen Presence and connection, that build trust in community and are also fun. I will also offer Movement of Being group sessions – playfully exploring ways of diving deeper into THIS moment, into the beautiful sensuality of our bodies moving in Nature, rediscovering our connection with Spirit and each other.

The work is inspired by Almaas and many other wonderful teachers of awakening, self-inquiry and movement that have shaped my practice. The movement sessions may contain elements of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Continuum.

I also offer two kinds of individual sessions:

1) Integral Coaching – “Tell me, what do you plan to do, with your One Wild and Precious Life?” – in the words of Mary Oliver, this work explores how you can be more present in your life in a way that enriches and deepens your relationships – with colleagues, family or loved ones – as well as with Source, or Spirit.

2) Somatic Bodywork – through touch, using holistic massage techniques and self-inquiry, exploring what is alive in you, connecting more deeply to the direct, somatic experience of being in your body, allowing it to expand and release patterns of tension and emotion.

Romeck has been a facilitator, integral leadership coach and body-centred psychotherapist and  movement practitioner since 1995. He has been program leader on psychotherapy and coaching/supervision trainings in the UK, Slovakia, Pakistan and Germany, and on transformational leadership development programs in Ghana and Cambodia.