About Thea Anderson

thea andersonHer niche has been other healers/therapists, creative & entrepreneurial women (& some lovely men too) but has included anyone with an adventurous soul! Her own healing crisis (7 years of M.E, which she has now been fully recovered from for a decade) lead to a deep soul quest. Desperately ill in her mid twenties, feeling so different from her peers, Thea tried it all hoping to heal her mind, body & soul. Her journey of recovery also involved learning about her intuitive & energetic gifts, toxic family dynamics, how to have boundaries, process emotion & be more creative. 

This eventually lead to a training in NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT & life coaching, & to working at a private clinic in London (to help others to also heal from M.E/CFS) & ultimately to running her own coaching business. She has talked at many events & taught many workshops including co-founding, organising & hosting Wildfire Women-a conference which hosted many successful creative women (including authors, a BBC director, comedians & many more) to share their deep truths in order to inspire other women to break down their own inner & outer barriers to sharing their creative, business &/or healing gifts.
She is known for her warmth, playful nature, (she trained in comedy), sensitivity & ability to ‘tune in’ to her clients, getting to the heart of the matter & finding the way forward on inner & practical outer levels. She loves to work spiritually, emotionally & practically (making real world plans)!

Bring wherever you feel stuck, unsure or curious to our session. 
We can work somatically &/or intuitively with your emotional body, talk to your spirit guides/your intuitive self to find answers or get really practical & make a plan. I love to work with whatever it is that you need & my skills range from classic coaching methods, to NLP to intuitive, energy work & in the very many years I’ve been working there are no issues that I haven’t encountered! 

Having trained with Roger Woolger I have worked with many people to reveal & heal their past lives. I can either use a regression technique to find your past self/s &/or tune in myself to your past self & help to heal this lost part of you that may be having an impact on your current life.

Please just ask me any questions about how I work if you’d like to learn more! Happy to chat.