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Workshop Leaders

We welcome new workshop leaders who share our holistic perspective and our commitment to peaceful, but radical social change.

Keep in mind that unlike luxury retreat centers, your workshop participants will be contributing to the daily rhythm of life at the Kalikalos Centers. They will be expected to do about 6-7 hr of “karma yoga” during your week. So they will join the evening cooking team one evening in the week, help in the organic gardens or the office a couple of hours in the early evening after beach time, and join the Friday morning 09:30 – 11:30 Centre clean up and restore.

The full authentic community setting is a core of the immersive experience in holistic education that makes Kalikalos unique.

What Are The 4 Areas of Workshops and Retreats Offered Here?

  • Creative arts (painting, drawing, theatre, creative writing … )
  • Healing — Self, Society and Planet
  • The Dance of Intimacy and Harmony Building Communication
  • Self enquiry— Advaita, Vipassana, Sufi, Kabala…

Where Would I Hold My Workshops Sessions and When?

The 7m round reciprocal framed roundhouse at Kissos holds up to 18 people (12 for yoga or dance)

All three campuses have yurts for small groups and 1-1 healing sessions

The 12 x 7.5 m ground floor at the Alexandros Center can accommodate a group of up to 25

The 15 x 10 m longhouse at Anilio is ideal for large dance or yoga groups

Workshop time is from after breakfast till lunchtime (13:30) – about 20 hours per week. Some leaders offer one-on-one sessions after beach time, but please do not plan to offer group sessions in this time as many of your participants will be cooking, gardening or working in the office.

What is the typical daily schedule at Kalikalos?

07:30 Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi (on most weeks)

08:05 Morning sanctuary meditation

08:30 Buffet Breakfast

09:05 Breakfast cleanup

09:30 Staff Attunement / Community meeting on Saturday

09:45 Workshop Session starts

11:15 – 11:30 Coffee/tea break

13:30 Staff lunch / beach picnic for participants

14:30 Beach / free time

18:15 Kitchen, garden & office teams attune/second staff work period(Some workshop leaders offer 1-1’s at this time)

20:00 Dinner (20:30 on Fridays)

20:45 Dinner cleanup (KP rota)

21:30 Healing Circle / Sharing / Circle Dance / DVD /village pub etc   Fireside community meeting on Thursday


What Does Kalikalos Provide You and Your Participants?

  • Accommodation as described
  • Buffet breakfast served from 08:30 to 09:10.
  • 6 evening vegetarian meals (we eat out one night) served at 20:00 (8:30 pm on Fridays)
  • 6 snack lunches ready at 13:30 (packed as picnic box on request)
  • Daily lift (15’) from Kissos and Anilio to the local beaches at Ag Ioannis except on Fridays. Campus Alexandros is in walking distance to Plaka Beach.
  • A team of 5-10 volunteers who coordinate work and model holistic living by example


Can I Bring a Partner or Family members?

Yes! Leaders’ family members pay 1/2 of the normal Community Guest rate and share your room, which is usually Room “H” with a seaview at Kalikalos Kissos and an ensuit twin room with balcony and seaview at Alexandros.


What Financial Plan Does Kalikalos Offer Workshop Leaders?

We split the net income with you 50/50 after deducting our expenses—rent, food, utilities, vehicle insincome sharing graphurance, petrol and maintenance, staff expenses, etc. We estimate these expenses to be about 33% of the published workshop average price, which leaves 67% to be split 50/50 with you, (which works out to 33% of the published price).

Net income is the agreed published price of your week (see graph to right) which combines workshop fee, food, standard accommodation and Centre expenses into one figure, minus discounts, credit card charges and any agreed bursaries. Accommodation supplements may apply at Anilio and Kissos campuses and these are not included in your income calculations.

A deposit of €150—€350 confirms your week. Leader’s deposits are our only income for promotion during the off-season, and these deposits are refunded on arrival, providing that together we recruit at least 4 participants. If for any reason we fail to get a group your deposit still entitles you to a week’s meals and accommodation with us so you can safely book your travel well in advance when air fares are cheapest.

Please click to download a sample leader’s contract.

Who is Responsible for Recruiting Participants?

Leader and Centre agree to independently market. Kalikalos prints color brochures, advertises in magazines in the UK and to a lesser extent in Germany and the USA, and has a dozen or more web agents and promoters. Still, we currently are dependent on you to recruit the bulk of your group.