Each summer season, from May through September, people come from all around the world to volunteer at the Kalikalos centers. We normally start recruiting our volunteers about February for the upcoming Summer season.

Kalikalos volunteers coordinate the rhythms of the center, focalize meals and clean-up, assist with transport to and from the beach, help with gardening, maintenance and shopping, and learn to facilitate group circles. We look especially for individuals with a holistic perspective and ideally some community experience, who enjoy working with groups. Skills in group process, healing, maintenance, vegetarian cookery, gardening, vehicle mechanics, and fluency in Greek language are especially helpful! The opportunities here are somewhat similar to those of WWOOFing, though Kalikalos volunteers do much more than just lending a hand in our organic vegetable garden.

Volunteering gardening

Staff volunteers who stay for some months become the Center’s longer-term faculty, complementing the workshop and retreat leaders by teaching holistic education through role modeling it. So, it’s an opportunity to put your ideals into practice—the best way to learn!

People sometimes ask for a  job description for a volunteer staff position. It is not really possible to provide this because each volunteer must find the area or areas where they see that they can optimally bring their gifts, experience and enthusiasm.

Staff Volunteers Saturday cleanup

The areas of work are the vegetarian kitchen, the organic gardens. homecare, building and maintenance, and office, plus I.T. support (website, social media, blogging and marketing). You will get the opportunity to sample all of these areas during your orientation weeks here, and in time may gravitate to one or two of them. Eventually, if you stay long enough you might find yourself coordinating (focalising) one area which carries more responsibility. Or, perhaps you will prefer to be a gadfly or a “floater” who offers support everywhere.

Staffers begin their time with us with a staff orientation training, typically four weeks in duration, for which we ask a €90 a week contribution to cover board. (Discounts of 15% for young people of need, or from counties where earning power is limited may be available.) If by the end of this orientation period, if things have worked out well for yourself and for us and there are staff vacancies, we may be able to invite you to stay longer.

Volunteer staff beach picnic

Staff members put in about 35 hours per week with a full day off and regular afternoons at the beach. Aside from the 7 hours/week of Karma Yoga that all guests do (one 2 hr evening cooking shift, two 45 min dinner cleanup shifts, adopt a garden bed and join the Friday cleanup from 9:30 to 11:30 am) we staff volunteers also will lay out one or two buffet breakfasts and lunches, put in a couple more hours finishing Friday cleanup and if you are over 25 with a EU/UK license, drive guests to/from the beach at Ag Ioannis. Staff stay in beds in shared rooms, in tents or in the yurts. Time permitting, volunteers who have been with us for a few weeks may attend certain workshop sessions at a discounted rate. They also have discounted access to the offerings of our Facilitators in Residence (FIRs). Additionally, there are loads of opportunities for sharing skills amongst ourselves!

The booking buttons below will allow you to book in as a staff volunteer at the Kissos or Anilio center. However, also the other centers ask that you first email them at managers@kalikalos.com to be sure that we have a vacancy for the weeks that you want.



Alexandros seaview

Volunteer as a Staff Adjunct

If you have had prior experience of any of our Centres, either as a guest, workshop participant or volunteer staffer, you may also join us as a “staff-adjunct” — part-time staff and part-time Community Guest. Staff adjuncts pay € 175 per week for food and accommodation and work about 17 hours as staffers, with two full days off.

Staff adjunct is a great way to stay on after your workshop or retreat for a week or two and come closer to the community. You join the staff group as a part timer, but like a community guest you have a lot of free time to enjoy the area and the delights of Pelion.

Please note: Staff adjuncts must have had at least one week prior experience with us as workshop participant, community guest, leader, FIR or staff orientee.



2-3 Month Internships

We offer a limited number of 2-3-month long internships in the area of community living and holistic education. The cost of a 12 week programme is currently €1800 which includes meals and accommodation. (Shorter 1 or 2 month internships are €660/month.) Some scholarships may be available, please enquire .

Interns typically pick an area in holistic research that interests them and are expected to research their topic during the course of their internship and to submit a written report (in English) at the conclusion of their internship. Interns are also equivalent to long-term half-time staff adjuncts, contributing about 17 hours of practical work during each week, with one full day off for study or leisure.

The programme can be tailored to your particular interests. Areas of specialisation include consensus decision making, permaculture, organic gardening, natural building, facilitation training, herbal medicine, personal vs social transformation, holistic teacher training, circle technology, governance by sociocracy and sacred economics. Please enquire by email.