Welcome to simplicity in nature.

The Kalikalos Holistic Centre, also known as Spiti ton Kentavron (“home of the centaurs”) in honor of Pelion mythology, rests in a valley surrounded by wild chestnut forest. With only a short drive or walk to crystal beaches, we are ideally situated for those who love land and sea.  Our site features a large, covered dance floor that is open to the forest, where we host transformational workshops in nature including dance, yoga and tai chi.

The living space is an authentic Greek farmhouse with beautiful views from the balcony, an eating area shaded by a grapevine and numerous tent sites. We have an abundant garden on two levels of the site, providing us with mouth-watering fresh vegetables and eye-pleasing flowers for most of the summer.

Located on the edge of the village of Anilio, our summer community has the feel of a large happy family made up of team members, guests and workshop participants. The food is delicious and abundant and many activities are offered to staff and guests alike.


  • The 10 x 11m Long Room is bordered by a chestnut forest and is a beautiful secluded space for workshops and activities.
  • A 5m yurt for small groups and 1-1 healing sessions.
  • The House.
  • The Sanctuary, located on the north west side of the property, has a wooden deck where you can relax and meditate.
  • Tent, yurt and other alternative accommodation spaces (see below).
  • The dining area seats 30 in a beautiful vine-covered area.
  • You will also have access to free wi-fi internet.


In the House: The centre’s main building is a former family home set in the midst of gentle woodland in the Pelion Mountains where, according to legend, dwelt the fabulous centaurs, half-man half-horse.

The building has been extensively renovated to cater for workshop groups, offering sixteen beds in six bedrooms, all with shared toilets and showers. The rooms in the house are simply furnished and have stone floors, which help to keep the space cool in the heat of the summer. There are spectacular views from the upper rooms where there are two double rooms, a quad and a triple. On the lower floor is a double room and a triple. Separate from the main house is a small block with a double bed, typically used as staff accommodation.

Single and Shared Double Room Supplements: Standard accommodation for guests and workshop participants is a shared quad or triple room. If you prefer a single room there are a few options available with a weekly supplement of €170.  You may also reserve a shared double room with a weekly supplement of €85.

Tents: We offer two sets of tents for your camping enjoyment. On the middle level of the site is found the Tent Terrace, with four or five tents set on wooden bases and covered by a sturdy sun and rain cover. A bit further down in the forest are four other tents, three of them on wooden bases. There are also several other “informal” tent spots in and around the forest for the adventurous in body and spirit.

Staff Accommodation: Our long-term staff are typically housed in the “islands” (two bell tents and a yurt), the Bamboo Hut and the Treehouse. Short term Community Participants, Morning Facilitators and FIRs stay in one of the aforementioned tents or in the Hillside Tent area. We do our best to accommodate staff requests for indoor lodging, especially for FIRs and long-term Community Participants. There may be a price increase for indoor accommodation of Community Participants and FIRs.

Off-Site Accommodation: For some select workshops, we may offer single or shared off-site lodging in the nearby village of Anilio. Please check your workshop listing or contact us for more information.

Meals and Catering

We offer three delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals each day, along with a healthy snack midway through each morning. We do our best to accommodate special dietary needs, which you can tell us about during the registration process. Many of our vegetables come either from our own gardens or from other local growers. We try to always serve organic food to the maximum extent possible.

Living in the Forest

Because our centre is located on a mountainside within a forest, our surroundings may be a bit wilder and less controlled than where you live. Please consider the following factors before coming and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • The centre is located about 150 meters from the nearest paved street. It is easily accessible by a cobblestone track for people with at least minimal fitness. You will need to climb or descend a hill to go to and from the road where the cars are parked. This walk may be challenging for people with reduced mobility.
  • We typically have one or more cats in residence. Please consider bringing allergy medication if you are concerned about having a reaction.
  • Throughout the season, and especially during and after rainy periods, we experience lots of mosquitoes around the centre. All the rooms and tents have mosquito screening and we provide insect repellent and mosquito nets upon request. If you have sensitive skin or know you react strongly to insect bites, please bring your own repellent and / or skin care products.
  • There are a number of other creatures in and around the forest that may bite or sting, including wasps, hornets, small scorpions, ticks and spiders. If you know you react strongly to stings, please bring your own first aid items such as an Epipen.
  • For a full list of what we provide, what you need to bring and what to leave at home, see this page.