• Community Participant / Morning Facilitator Lodging – €95.00
  • Prices calculated for 7 nights minimum stay

Date & Time Details: Minimum stay is 7 days. Maximum stay for a first-time volunteer is three weeks.

Spring Setup: 1 - 30 May; €80 per week

Regular Season: 31 May - 6 Sep; €95 per week

Autumn Packup: 6 - 20 Sep; €80 per week

Questions: Send us your enquiry.

Community Participant

Flexible Dates

People come from around the world to participate in holistic community living at Kalikalos Holistic Education Centre. Community participants will experience and learn about:

  • Sharing circles
  • Community organisation
  • Caring for the centre, such as housekeeping, maintenance, gardening etc.
  • Vegetarian cooking for everybody present
  • Collaborating with others on larger infrastructure projects
  • How individual contributions at a seasonal community can create and
    hold space for healing, growth and wholesome workshops.

During the set up and pack up periods the experience differs from the workshop season as no workshops will take place. We might spend more time each day on the tasks at hand than during the workshop season, but the daily rhythms are a bit more flexible and relaxed.

Each day community participants are obliged to be actively involved in community work between 09:30 and 13:30 and on some days also between 18:00 and 20:00. Afternoons and one full day per week are free time. This amounts to about 25-30 hours per week.

Kalikalos offers free rides each afternoon to one of the stunning local beaches.

Everybody present at Kalikalos participates in a Rota System that is used to organise cooking and subsequent clean up.

An ideal community participant has a holistic perspective, some community experience and enjoys being part of a group. Group processes, healing, maintenance, vegetarian cookery, gardening, vehicle mechanics, and Greek language skills are especially helpful!

Community Participants have access to the very affordable offerings by Community Facilitators.

First-Time Community Participants

We love the variety and fresh new energy that first-time Community Participants bring to the community. We also want to ensure that they will be a good fit! Therefor there is an application process for first-time Community Participants (see below). First-time Community Participants can initially apply for a maximum three week stay. During the application interview, a member of our team will share more details about the process and answer any questions you may have.
A minimum of one check-in/feedback session with a Core Team Member will be offered to a first time Community Participant to see how things are going. When there is a good fit with Kalikalos they may then extend their stay past three weeks (depending on availability).

Application process

Please follow this simple application process to join our team as a Community Member:
Complete and submit an online application form by clicking either of the “Apply Online” buttons appearing above. After we review your application form, we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom conversation with you (this conversation may be waived for returning volunteers). Following the conversation, we will assess whether to accept your application or if other steps are needed. Once you are accepted, a member of our team will register you directly into our booking system.
Ready to apply? Click either of the “Apply Online” buttons appearing above. Please contact us if you have any questions.
PLEASE NOTE:  the information about availability for Community Participant  positions appearing on the right side of this page.

More about being a Community Participant:

Taking care of daily and ongoing tasks:
All community participants will gather for a short meeting about the daily and ongoing tasks that need to be taken care of. This can be anything from housekeeping, tidying, gardening etc. As a Community Participants you are expected to take on a daily task for a week and may choose to
switch to a different one during subsequent weeks. Additionally, you may join a team working on a larger ongoing project. Depending on your skills and interests you can also take care of other community needs such as:

Driving members of the community to and from the beach in a centre vehicle (requirements are: UK or EU drivers licence, international drivers licence and being older than 25)
Maintenance needs of the building premises/technical systems
Administrative needs
Assisting with set-up and pack-up at the beginning and end of the workshop season.