• Community Participant / Morning Facilitator Lodging – €95.00
  • FIR Lodging – €150.00
  • Prices calculated for 7 nights minimum stay

Date & Time Details: Minimum stay is two weeks; maximum is four weeks. Maximum stay for a first-time FIR is two weeks. FIR positions are scheduled in two-week blocks during the regular workshop season from 31 May to 6 Sep.

Facilitator in Residence Contribution: €150 per week

Morning Facilitator Contribution: €95 per week

Questions: Send us your enquiry.

Facilitator in Residence (FIR)

Flexible Dates

Be a Facilitator in Residence (FIR) at Kalikalos

Facilitators in Residence (FIRs) are volunteers who also offer holistic services to the community. Over the years our FIRs have offered all types of yoga, massage, art therapy, voice and singing, Feldenkrais method, theatre, dance, aromatherapy, creative writing, meditation, astrology, Sociocracy etc.

FIRs are welcome to offer both group and one-on-one sessions, usually for a modest fee or donation. Typically FIRs charge 15 to 35 euros per private session, while some work on a donation or exchange basis. FIRs are welcome to offer their services in the late morning, afternoon and evening, with awareness of the daily schedule of workshop sessions and volunteer work contributions.

Returning in 2023, we are also recruiting a number of people as Morning Facilitators to offer yoga, meditation, Pilates or other practices daily before breakfast. The information listed below applies to both regular and morning FIRs unless otherwise stated.

FIR Overview

Our FIR program welcomes practitioners of any holistic discipline to join as volunteers for two to four weeks, offering their services to our participants, guests and volunteers on an ad-hoc basis. While coming to Kalikalos as an FIR is an opportunity for an inexpensive working holiday, please note that FIRs are volunteers. See the next section for more details about the work expectations.

Working Together for the Benefit of the Whole Community

Rota System. All members of the community – Core Team, volunteers, FIRs, guests and workshop participants – contribute to our lives together by participating in our Rota System, which governs how we prepare our meals and clean up after dinner. Each member is asked to contribute a certain number of shifts each week, depending on the role in the community. An FIR can generally expect to be asked to sign up for between three and five shifts per week, depending on the number of people present on site.

Daily Tasks and Ongoing Projects. We also ask each staff member to contribute to our shared work between the hours of 09:30 and 13:30 each day. Rather than working all morning, regular FIRs may offer sessions to Community Guests and volunteers on their day off between 12:00 and 13:30 each day. Morning Facilitators make an offering for at least one hour before breakfast, with the option to offer other sessions outside of volunteer working hours on a donation basis. This amounts to about 20-25 hours per week for an FIR and 25-30 hours for a Morning Facilitator, with one full day off each week. Each FIR signs up for one or more Daily Tasks (for example housekeeping, tidying,  gardening, etc.) which they will do daily for at least one week.

To learn more about the rota system and daily tasks, please see this description of our Inclusion & Participation System.

Benefits of Becoming an FIR

In exchange for the weekly FIR fee and work contributions described above, each FIR receives:

  • Embodied learning of holistic principles and community skills by participating in our Community Systems.
  • Regular opportunities for sharing and connection with other community members.
  • The opportunity to contribute to members of the community by offering their unique skills and expertise.
  • Clean and comfortable accommodation in a tent or a room in the house, depending on availability.
  • Three healthy vegetarian meals and a morning snack.
  • Daily transport to and from the local beaches.
  • One full day off per week for rest and recreation.

Want to know more about our community philosophy, how we operate and our daily rhythms? Visit our Community Page for all the details.

First-Time FIRs

We love the variety and fresh new energy that first-time FIRs bring to the community. We also want to maximize the chances that there is a good fit! The two main ways we do this are through our application process (see below) and by limiting the amount of time a first-time FIR can initially stay.

First-time FIRs are limited to a two week stay on their initial booking. During this time, the FIR will join one or members of the Core Team for at least one Feedback Circle to see how things are going. Assuming the FIR and Kalikalos are a good fit, the FIR may then extend their stay to four weeks (depending on availability). During your application interview, a member of our team will share more details about this policy and answer any questions you may have about it.

Application Process

Please follow this simple application process to join our team as an FIR:

  1. Complete and submit an online application form by clicking either of the “Apply Online” buttons appearing above.
  2. After we review your application form, we will schedule a 45 minute Zoom conversation with you (this conversation may be waived for returning FIRs).
  3. Following the conversation, we will assess whether to accept your application or if other steps are needed.
  4. Once you are accepted, a member of our team will register you directly into our booking system.

Ready to apply? Click either of the “Apply Online” buttons appearing above. Please contact us if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE the information about availability and pricing of FIR positions appearing on the right side of this page.