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Program Cost: €450 includes workshop, meals and shared quad or triple accommodation.

Transforming Our Dreams

with Angeliki Bitzaraki

July 22 - 29, 2023

Last year, the group process unfolded the depths of our sorrows and grief while weaving connections in safety and warmth. Following this deep and honest time, sparkles of light and blooming started to emerge from our own ruins. Surprising connections started to unfold with the more-than-humans existence, the trees and the sun, air and flowers becoming our partners listening to them quietly and finding new ways to let them be with us; surprisingly they sometimes had something to say to us! Personal and shared dreams came into presence. New understandings and positive experiences became true. The dreams had just started to work for their own sake.

You are very welcome to join us this year in the Transforming Our Dreams workshop and unfold with us the group dynamic, creation, connection and healing in the here and now!

The work will be based on the principles of NDI (Non-directive Intervention) approach and Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. Polyvagal theory and practice will inform the content of our work as well.

During the workshop, we are going to form a group in a safe space, take care of ourselves, deepen our listening and seeing to oneself/each other/nature, explore creative pathways for dreams to manifest, share and find new possible ways to make them real and act upon them.

We are experiencing very challenging times in multiple layers and levels. You are very welcome to join the group and have time to take care of yourself and space to dream awake for our future, our world.

This workshop has been facilitated at Spiti ton Kentavron every summer for the last 10 consecutive years, with the support, respect and love of the fellow members of the Kalikalos community. Our group processes wouldn’t have been that nourishing and special if community members were not so welcoming, attuned and discrete.

The work respects the here and now of the group and the facilitator will follow the group dynamics and will be accompanying emerging desires with appropriate creative propositions.

During this 6-day workshop we will go through the following structure:

  • First days: Landing, becoming familiar with each other, taking care of ourselves. Warming up. Creating a safe environment.
  • The core of the week: Exploring dreams in a personal/collective/ecologic level. Finding ways for deeper connections within the group and with nature. Opening space for the nature to speak. Calling for the unknown. Silence. Exploring ways of listening, seeing, manifesting. Work in the sea, at night, in the sun-spring etc.
  • Closing days: Crystallization of the work. How our new understandings/experiences can be applied/linked to our everyday life. Call for innovative ideas.

We will work in a space where feeling safe will give us the opportunity to explore new possibilities of presence, relating and action.

Creative movement work and other expressive ways (art, sound, craft in individual, duo, group forms) will support this process.

The goal of this week is to open up the possibility of less closed/ego-centric conditions and more loving/eco-centric connections.

The facilitator’s intention is to offer space and joined work in order to uncover opportunities to mature through our sacred transpersonal experiences; to embrace nature and our souls as our guides for our journey; to embodied maturity that is intertwined with our dreams transformation.

This workshop is for anyone who feels the need for transforming the old ways of seeing/listening, feels the need for deeper connection with nature, wishes for creativity to come along, longs for coming together and being inspired and encouraged for change, wants to work with others to enrich our resources, seeks for an opening of listening and seeing of dreams to become real.

The workshop’s theory, methodology and philosophy follows Non-Directive Intervening approach (of psychotherapy, pedagogy and group facilitation) and Dance/Movement Psychotherapy discipline. We will explore ways and conditions to create positive experiences that enrich our resources. At the same time the workshop will facilitate the emergence of desires for learning, communication, creativity, change and integration.

  • Previous dance or psychotherapy experience is not required.
  • The workshop aims to a personal development process, it is not intended as psychotherapy .
  • The participants need to be in an alert state in order to work through their personal processes. Participants need to answer a questionnaire before their registration (pre-registration).
  • The workshop has a very limited number of participants.
  • Workshop language: Greek and English (with parallel translation if needed).


Angeliki Bitzaraki
Body/Movement oriented psychotherapist (MSc) Non-Directive Intervening Approach Social Anthropologist.  Angeliki is an active psychotherapist trained in the systematic and deep engagement of the body and its movement in the therapeutic process. She works in the mental health sector for the last 17 years. Her way of facilitating group processes integrates…
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