Date & Time Details: Monday evenings beginning February 6 and ending March 20. Each session begins at 6:30 PM GMT and is 90 minutes long unless otherwise noted.

SUGGESTED DONATION: €10.00 - €50.00 per session

Support Kalikalos and Learn!: Each webinar presenter donates at least 10% of all income to the Kalikalos Holistic Centre.

Questions: Send us your enquiry.

Kalikalos Winter Online Series

with Gregory W. Rouillard, Chris Headlands and Peggy Tileston

February 6 - March 20, 2023

NEW FOR 2023!

Are you already tired of winter? Wishing for some new learning? Longing to be in community?

We have the answer: Join us for the first-ever Kalikalos Winter Online Series!

Beginning in early February, we offer seven consecutive Monday evenings of learning, meaning, fun and connection. The offerings cover a variety of topics, from communication and collaboration to a celebration of the first day of spring. We also offer two opportunities to connect with others in a good old Kalikalos-style Sharing Circle.


  • Dates: Every Monday evening from February 6 through March 20. See schedule below.
  • Times: Sessions begin at 6:30 PM GMT and last 90 minutes, unless otherwise noted on the schedule below.
  • Venue: All sessions are offered via Zoom teleconference. Registrants will receive a welcome email with the Zoom information no later than 24 hours before the session begins.
  • Cost: We request a contribution of between €10 and €50 for each session, unless otherwise noted on the schedule below. At least 10% of all contributions received is retained by Kalikalos to support our ongoing work of offering quality workshops in an environment of holistic community.
  • Presenters: All presenters are either long-time Kalikalos staff members or former Facilitators in Residence (FIRs).
  • Registration: To register for one or more sessions, click the “Book Now” button at the top of this page. You will be asked to fill out a Google form to indicate which sessions you would like to attend and the amount of your total contribution. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.


Here are the planned offerings. Unless otherwise noted, each 90-minute session begins at 6:30 PM with a requested contribution of between €10 and €50. For more details about each session, click the link in the listing or view the bio for the presenter below.

Coming Up Next

February 6: Sharing Circle with Gregory Rouillard

One of our long-term Kalikalos staff members holds space for a Sharing Circle inspired by the Way of Council. Minimum number of bookings for this session is three.

Here are the principles and mechanics of the Sharing Circle, adapted for the online format:

Principles of the Sharing Circle (Six Agreements of the Way of Council):

  • Speak your truth from the heart using “I” statements
  • Be lean and to the point
  • Every part of you is welcome
  • Listen from the heart
  • Put opinions and judgements to one side
  • Whatever is said in the circle stays in the circle

Mechanics of the Sharing Circle (adapted for online format):

  • Only one person speaks at a time, whilst everyone else listens. The circle facilitator defines the order for speaking or otherwise manages how the circle progresses. If when it is your turn you do not wish to say anything, simply say “pass” to the next person. 
  • At the end of your sharing you may say Ho or Aho, which means “I have spoken.” The others respond with the same word, which means “we have heard.” 
  • Once everyone in the circle has had the opportunity to speak, the facilitator may open the circle to “popcorn” style sharing. When the sharing is complete, the facilitator will close the circle. 


Gregory W. Rouillard
Gregory has been involved with Kalikalos since 2015 and a member of the Core Team at Anilio since 2020. He loves being part of this community because it gives him the ongoing opportunity to continue to learn, practice and teach the principles of community living that he has been developing…
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Chris Headlands
Chris joined Kalikalos as a FIR 2022 actively seeking community living having been on my radar to experience for at least 30 years and share some skills. A Shaman, Peace Pipe Circle Woman. An Earth Healer Workshop Facilitator and Therapist. Working in the local community through workshops and 1-1s. Endeavouring…
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Peggy Tileston
My greatest joy comes from engaging with others in transformative experiences that involve the expressive arts, nature, and tapping into the Creative Process… which is why I fell in love with the land and people at Kalikalos Centre last year when I was a Facilitator in Residence –that kind of…
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