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Embrace the Boundless Freedom of Artistic Expression

with Yoryos Styl

July 10 - 17, 2024

We all have an artist inside us 

Sometimes well hidden, other ones waiting to be re-discovered. Fear and procrastination often act as barriers to artistic expression. This workshop guides you in overcoming these obstacles, transforming them into catalysts for creative innovation. You will also come in contact with some lesser known parts of your artistic self, and learn some flexible and care-based procedures for artistic expression. 

Me – You – Us 

We consist of bones, flesh, skin, joints, organs, but also senses (more than we realise), ideas and opinions (more than we care to admit). How can we re-orient my point of view, taking into account all the current findings of neuroscience and anatomic psychodynamics? Our on-stage artistic path, is a journey of potentialities exploration. Our raw material is our soul and our emotions, in an ever-changing balance. Every step of the way, part of us longs to learn stuff, understand, grasp something that can’t be put to words. Emotions can be both a motivator and a reason to freeze and lose every appetite for going further. A crucial factor is our willingness to keep going, to let ourselves experience what happens in front of us. Still sometimes we’re off, disoriented, lost. What then? 

Multidisciplinary Pleasure 

A common misconception is that art should be something time-consuming, it requires a lot of effort and it is something serious. Well, I say if you can’t enjoy the moment, why are you doing it? Every moment presents opportunities to create, as long as you’re attuned to yourself, to others, to your surroundings. And restricting yourself with just one way or mean of expression is kind of restricted. So why don’t we choose to let ourselves flow into the unknown leaving everything we know to the side? 

Nature of the Artist, Embodiment and Transformation 

 Some of the things we’ll visit during the workshop are the following: 

  • The nature of the artist: What is it that makes an artist? How can we create a nurturing space for artistic expression? 
  • The importance of embodiment: How can we use our bodies to connect with our emotions and creativity? 
  • The power of transformation: How can we use our art to transform ourselves and the world around us? 

 The five Pillars, Practice and Creative Environment  

 Furthermore we’ll: 

  • Explore the five pillars of embodied creative expression: meta-cognition, self-regulation, sensation, holistic connection, and transformation. 
  • Develop your own artistic identity and style through a variety of exercises, including movement, improvisation, and storytelling. 
  • Create a safe and supportive space for artistic expression where you can feel free to experiment and take risks. 

Who is it for? 

 It is open to all levels of artistic experience, from professional performers to aspiring artists and art enthusiasts. 

YO Method 

The workshop is based on YO Method of artistic creation/ art therapy, an experiential based procedure, that utilises several artistic processes like Self-With-Others art expression, Abramovic technique, dance improvisation, improv and several others, combining them with psychotherapeutic principles and practices. For more information visit https://yoryosstyl.com/method.html. 



Yoryos Styl
Yoryos is a Performing Artist and Healer for over 15 years. Having participated in numerous shows and having produced enough artworks of his own as well, he has experience in several artistic capacities. Also, being a masseur, a reflexologist, a therapeutic counselor and an Expansion method practitioner, puts him in…
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