Community & Guest Experience Weeks

Community Experience for Volunteers, Facilitators in Residence and Guests

10 August – 3 September

Cancelled due to COVID_19

from Euro 110/week (volunteers) to Euro 390/week (Community Guests)

These periods are an opportunity for Guests, Volunteers and Facilitators in Residence to get to know better what life feels like in an intentional authentic community. We all pull together, work, share, laugh and resolve problems with tools like the Dialogue Road map, Non-violent communication and Radical Honesty. The magic that unfolds in a community where we take care to create a safe space, allows the individual to be vulnerable, speak from the heart and be accepted and welcomed also with his or her shadow sides.


The Community Experience Weeks

are born out of a need to introduce spaciousness, relaxation and calm between the busier times when workshops are running, as the lives of the volunteers become full- on in their supporting roles to the leaders and participants.



We are trialling two separate periods of Community Guest Experience:



These will occur over a period of 7 to 24 days, offering a relaxed schedule of learning and self development opportunity with a variety of topics to explore together. While volunteers take care of the running of the center, Community guests are invited to support the team three times a week with light tasks like helping to prepare a breakfast, an evening meal or helping out at a washing-up shift.

We are imbedded in a marvellous nature, the rich vegetation in this area is nurtured by countless waterfalls and springs which flow through densely wooded hills. Just by following your senses one will encounter a plethora of aromatic herbs on the hiking paths, many of which have medical properties. Pelion has an ancient healing tradition going back to the wounded healer Chiron of Greek mythology. Scenic beaches, lush vegetation, springs of crystal clear water and a large variety of fruits and flowers, all compose a unique picture of the magic of nature.

Ideas for the Community Experience Weeks include:

  • Optional twice daily meditation
  • Optional joining in with people doing Qi gong practise
  • Diologue Road Map – practising our skills in an invaluable communications tool
  • Non Violent Communication, Deep sharing and Conflict resolving
  • Psychodrama projects leading to performance and film making with Efrat Snap
  • Teaching and practising homeopathy with Svetlana Pavlova.
  • Enjoying crystal clear beaches
  • Hiking around the glorious Pelion Mountain and learning about the history and mythology of the area

If you feel inspired to join us in those periods, please contact Friederiki on for further information.











Findhorn Inspired Holiday in the Sun

Game of Transformation in Greece

A Findhorn Inspired Holiday in the Sun


Hanna Morjan, 13 – 20 June, €400,    (Kissos Campus)

Experience the magic of the Findhorn Foundation Community in the Warmth and Beauty of Greece

This Findhorn-inspired week is an invitation to open to the magic of community. We’ll emphasise sharing and caring for each other and the Earth, thereby embodying the change we want to see happen in the world!

Together we will explore many of the tools used within the Findhorn Community and ecovillage which have helped it survive and thrive since 1962. These include Personal Sharing, Meditation, Attunement, Connection and Co-creation with Nature, Permaculture and Ecovillage design. Moreover, no Findhorn inspired holiday would be complete without incorporating ‘Love in Action’ through service in the kitchen and garden.

As you can see, we have a wealth of holistic materials and practices to share with you. However, because each group is unique, together we will adapt the programme to suit the needs and interests of the group.

transformation game

Hanna leads Transformation Game at Kalikalos

Exploring community inevitably means deepening self enquiry. So this Findhorn-inspired week is also about relaxing into a deeper connection with yourself and your place in life, through solo time and through building group consciousness.

We will get the opportunity in this week, to work with these and other spiritually-based concepts developed at the Findhorn ecovillage, in particular through the core Findhorn experience weeks. Therefore, daily sharing circles will be one of our main tools for building group consciousness.

There will be dance, song and visits to beautiful nature spots. Every day includes beach time, enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. We will also plan to play the Game of Transformation during the week.

We will also have an opportunity to eat out in a traditional Greek taverna and have moments of celebration with villagers from Kissos, perhaps dancing with them on the Village square.

The flow of a typical day our A Findhorn Inspired Holiday in the Sun

Morning: Workshop
Afternoon: Going to the beach, followed by service in the kitchen or garden
Evening: Open for what arises


More about the Findhorn Community

Beginning in 1962, Findhorn Foundation and community has evolved from a small group of dedicated pioneers who sought to align themselves with the creative and benevolent forces, seen and unseen, that guide the evolution of humanity, and indeed all life. Now, 60 years on, the community is a founder member of the ecovillage movement, and host to over 800 members and associates living in and around the community. In those years Findhorn has developed a number of unique processes for developing group consciousness, including attunement through guided meditations, focalisation, a way of bringing energies together for a task, and emphasizing that ordinary work can be love in action. All these concepts and processes make up “The Magic of Findhorn”. 



Deep Ecology Workshop

Tamara Alferoff

Deep Ecology with Tamara Alferoff

Deep Ecology is the Art of Living in Peace Through Climate Chaos, Personal & Social Challenge

8 – 15 August 2020, from €500    

Dear Seeker: You’ve landed here for a very good reason! This week introducing, emphasising and embracing  deep ecology will challenge you, nurture you, grow you, pamper you, recognise you in all your humanity. It will, in effect, meet you!

Perhaps you  have become aware of a growing need for Resilience, Resourcefulness and Connection in this global climate of alienation. Consequently you may experience needs for belonging, purpose and meaning, in other words, a sense of tribe.

This deep ecology week is an invitation to join with me in an exploration of how we can weather the storms that rage around us. Such storms may lie within our heart or our psyche. However, they may seem to be in our society, in our relationships, or in global climate chaos. How can we bring our creativity, intelligence, love and wisdom to bear on these issues? Let us tune in to what is being called up as Deep Ecology unfolds moment by moment in the Now.

deep ecology women

Every day we hear of species extinction. Deep ecology teaches us to tune in to different life forms. Moreover, it  invites us to  access other ways of knowing and to  become more comfortable with uncertainty and helplessness. Working together we’ll grow resilience, resources and affection. Moreover, we will discover new, transparent ways to communicate. In addition, we will laugh a lot, wail some, dance, play, relax, sing and shout.

Dreamwork, Archetypes, Voice Dialogue, Constellations, Inner Child, Creative Art & Movement, together with The Work of Byron Katie, Joanna Macy, Jem Bendell and Arnold Mindell will be our tried and tested resources.  With the help of these concepts we will move forward in this essential Inner and Outer Journey.

Deep Ecology is about Love, Leadership, Relationships, Mother Earth

Everything is unfolding around us just as it should. It may not appear that way! Each of us can lose our sense of trust, generosity, rightness, and love when everything seems to be collapsing around the world. As a result, we may become contracted, closed down, fearful, depressed, or angry.

When we cast blame around like flame-throwers, we burn ourselves in the process. Our parents, partners, offspring or friends may appear to be the agents of our pain. Alternatively, we  may focus on politicians (ours and theirs), arms or pharmaceutical dealers.

Be the Change You Want

deep ecology group

Looking for satisfaction, love and joy, some of us might seek solace in games, shopping, substances or sport,  Consequently, we cut ourselves off and become isolated, unhappy and lost. We band together in protests and marches. We campaign for this side or that.

Deep ecology may sound like hard work, too heavy, serious, and you’re wanting some light relief from the travails of daily life. We promise this will manifest as if by magic, courtesy of our unique location on Mt Pelion, Greece. Mythical Mt. Pelion offers its timeless healing power, the legacy of Chiron the Wounded Healer.  The abundance of Medicinal Herbs, the crystal clear waters that cascade all summer long through the forest and down enchanted mossy canyons are part of that magic.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Each afternoon you’ll be free to relax, snooze, socialise, wander the forest trails, or to make your way down to the sparkLING Aegean with its traditional villages, hospitable tavernas, useful shops, and clean, unspoilt beaches for blissful frolics in the waves.

The community that we create together is woven over the days by sharing in the general tasks of cooking, garden care, and clean-up after meals. Volunteers and Staff also provide mindful, warm support, and many of us have built deep & lasting friendships over the years.

In coming together for a deep ecology retreat such as this, you will discover hither untapped strengths, abilities, and resourcefulness, an inner ecosystem which acts as a microcosm of Mother Earth herself. Through tapping into the deeper feelings, you might be surprised to discover a timeless peace and stillness.  Working with others you will build resources to carry forward to your home, family, workplace and tribe. You could be inspired to begin a project, empower yourself and others, make that move, create community with old or new friends.  You will certainly go home with more resilience, equanimity, confidence, and love in your heart.

I will be available by appointment for some days after the week for 121 training & support.

Love always,

Talk to Tamara


Mob:  +44 79 4647 60 48


About the Leader: Dorothy Rosser

Dorothy Rosser Families holiday

Dorothy Rosser Families holiday

Dorothy is head of voice for acting at the Institute for Contemporary Theatre, Sussex University.
She has been teaching voice for 20 years, in Brighton, London and internationally. She has also worked in celebratory arts with Brighton based company, Samesky for 18 years, working in schools and in community groups to create parades and public celebrations.

She has run family weeks 3 times a year at Monkton Wyld Court, a holistic education centre, for 10 years, facilitating creative holidays for adults and children. She has an egalitarian approach to holding groups and workshops together, creating a fun, safe and non judgemental environment. Contact   Telephone: 07905 686198



Family Holidays in Greece II

Dorothy Rosser Families holiday

 A Fun Filled Family Holiday for Single and Couple Parents with Kids,  1 – 8 August

Doroty Rosser  €400,   (Children age 8 – 12, €200, age 4 – 7, €100)     (Kissos Campus)

Come and Enjoy Creating Authentic Holistic Community Near the Cozy Kissos Village!

Join us at the Kalikalos Kissos Campus in the lush nature of Pelion mountain, overlooking the amazing blue Greek sea. You will have time for sun and sea, walking and relaxing. During our family holiday there will be time for sharing conversations, listening to music or simply enjoying the natural silence.

What will we do?

Each group is different and the activities can change depending on the ages of the children and the different needs of the parents and children, therefore affording us a flexible programme. Our community rhythm helps everyone to feel relaxed.
There are the times for community clean-up, cooking and gardening together. There are times at the beach and there is time to simply be.

It is our intention to design the activities of the week with your input so we can be flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. So although there is some structure and routine, there is also lots of room to create the kind of holiday that you want and need for you and your family!

Come for a creative, nourishing, inspiring and fun family holiday!


In the mornings after a buffet breakfast we begin our day gathered together in a circle where we may start with a song, some stretching movements and a game. We will discuss the outline for the day ahead. During the course of the week activities may include storytelling, puppet making, lantern making, family yoga and dancing, exploratory walks to the nearby water falls. We can enjoy singing and theatre games.

At 1:30 we have a buffet lunch together, after which the Centre provides us with transport to the beach. On some days we may take our lunch in picnic boxes and go earlier to the beach.

Afternoons at the Beach

Here there is natural shade for the younger children and those of us who don’t need any more wrinkles. The sea is warm and clear and perfect for paddling, swimming and snorkelling. Time to rest, bathe, relax or play.


After a vegetarian dinner and the clean-up “party”, in which everyone helps out according to a rota, the late evenings are quiet times. You may sit around the table and chat to your new friends, go on moonlight walks through the forest or simply hang out in the village cafes.

On Tuesdays we all go out for a taverna meal together (€14 price not included) to taste typical Greek food and where we may meet guests and participants from one of the other two Kalikalos campuses.

The last Thursday before departing we organise a cabaret with amusing children skits, songs, improvisation and dance. You can participate as much or as little as you like in the celebration. If you wish to bring musical instruments or other props for your sharing that would be great!

Kalikalos Community

The community of Kalikalos is very special in that you as participants, help to make it.

There is a strong connection between the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and Kalikalos Centres in Greece. A main intention is to put love into action, to connect with nature and to create community through work and play together, adults and children.

It is most importantly the people who make Kalikalos the experience that it is, and we can’t wait for you to join us and to share in the discovery of the magic of this place.

Note that there is a 10% discount for booking both Family weeks at Kissos campus.

Contact the Leader at:

Email: Dorothy Rosser <>

Tel 00 44 7905686198

This week of 1 – 8 August is the second of two consecutive family weeks at Kalikalos Kissos. (The first week is described here.)  There is a 10% discount offered if you attend both weeks.


About Joan Wilmot & Robin Shohet

family holiday Greece

family holiday Greece

Faciltators Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot finally got married in on the beautiful Greek island of Skopelos after being together for 38 years (see photo).  They are psychotherapists, couples therapists, group workers, reflective practice supervisors and coaches. They have been running groups for over 40 years and live half their time in London and half in Findhorn, a spiritual and intentional community in the northeast of Scotland.  They have four grown up sons and two grandchildren.  They are both learning the accordion and Joan is learning Greek very slowly.  They are part of two improvisation drama groups and are keen to bring this to the familyexperience week. 



Family Holiday in Greece I

family holiday Greece

A Fun Filled Family Holiday For All Ages

Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet,  25 July – 1 August,  €400,   (Children age 8 – 12, €200, age 4 – 7, €100)     (Kissos Campus)


The Family holiday week  is a place for families any kind of family, nuclear family, extended family, be they grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins as well as husbands and wives, single parent families, blended families, step parents step children, adopted children neighbours, friends…

Each family group will be held in a family constellation and appreciative inquiry framework and have the opportunity to cook together and garden supported by the community we create together.

Appreciative inquiry and family constellations (Lots of stuff about them on the Internet) are ways of looking. They will be a major part of our lens and container for the week. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) says we can either look at our families and ourselves ‘as problems to be solved’ or ‘as mysteries to be embraced’. Which makes you smile? We will start the week with asking each family member what works in your family; share a ‘sparkling’ moment from your time together.

The days will include walking in the mountains and bathing in the waterfalls, exploring the beautiful Pelion peninsula and going down to the wonderful beaches of Damouchari, Papa Nero and Plata. There will be options for improvisation drama, poetry, music and an introduction to the Greek language and whatever wishes, interests and talents people bring with them. We meet on the first morning to create the week together.

Come for a creative, nourishing, inspiring and fun family holiday !

What Will we Do

Each group is different and the activities can change depending on the ages of the children and the different needs of the parents and children, therefore affording us a flexible programme. Our community rhythm helps everyone to feel relaxed.

There are the times for community clean-up, cooking and gardening together. There are times at the beach and there is time to simply be.

It is our intention to design the activities of the week with your input so we can be flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. So although there is some structure and routine, there is also lots of room to create the kind of holiday that you want and need for you and your family!

Contact the leaders for more information:

Email: Joan Wilmot <>


This week of 25 July – 1 August is the first of two consecutive family weeks at Kalikalos Kissos. (The second week is described here.)  There is a 10% discount offered if you attend both weeks.


Nonviolent Communication and Movement

A Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Movement Retreat

4–11 July 2020 with Tracy Seed, €450  (Kissos Campus)


A NVC holistic holiday for those with a Foundation in Nonviolent Communication

For a week we live together in a community setting in the small mountain village of Kissos. We reflect, create, let go, relax, heal, restore, play, move, dance Biodanza and experience life together – transforming from the inside out!

Overview of the week

Mornings – Workshops

We will work with various themes to explore how we connect in our relationships at work and at home.
There will be ample opportunity for NVC practice, meditation, biocentric movement and postures.
Working alone, in pairs, small groups and as a whole group we will:
  • Develop our empathic presence, listening, and understanding
  • Bring somatic awareness to our triggers whilst working with self-compassion
  • Befriend our inner critic, anger and shame
  • Express ourselves authentically without insulting others
  • Be with conflict using a dialogue process to support us
  • Collaborate and make decisions together
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude

Afternoons – Beaches and Waterfalls

Afternoons are kept free for you to explore and enjoy the local area. Including, outings to places of interest, visits to the beach, mountain hikes and swimming in the freshwater pools at the foot of waterfalls.
An opportunity for rest, relaxation, growth, learning, discovery, nourishment, friendship, community, movement, fun and beauty

Evenings – Biodanza and Tavernas

We dance Biodanza a couple of evenings  in a beautiful forest dance space at the Annilo campus. We move to connect with the vital energy needed for life, to strengthen our inner resources for wellbeing so that we can truly feel each moment of life. 
The creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda, says “Biodanza is basically a re-education in love 

Read and listen to some testimonials.

BE more fully YOU!

Go here for more information about the Kissos campus, Pelion and Accommodation


Spirit of Findhorn in Greece

barbara swetina music

Sun, Sea and the Spirit of Findhorn

Open to Love, Change the World

Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch, 5 – 12 Sept, €450    (Kissos)

An Introduction to the Essence of the Findhorn Community

spirit of Findhorn

This Spirit of Findhorrn in Greece week is an invitation to let go of limiting beliefs, open to love and become the change you want to see happen in the world!
We invite you to join a multi-generational, inter-cultural group of fellow pilgrims who are willing to learn, share and mutually support each other during this special week. Bathed in the wonderful sunshine of Greece we will apply spiritual principles as they are used in the Findhorn community in Scotland. In this way we will practice sustainable living in our daily rhythms, while deepening our connection to Spirit, to others and to all of life.

Music, Song & Dance in the Spirit of Findhorn

Music, song and dance will often be woven into our activities, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere and a sense of instant community. Dances of Universal Peace, Circle Dance and Sacred Harmony Songs honour different spiritual traditions and combine chanting and simple movements with live music to open the heart. There may be sing along music nights in the village taverna or greek dancing on the Kissos village square, sheltered by the old trees. 

spirit of Findhorn

Meditation, love in action sessions and walks in nature will complete the Spirit of Findhorn program. For instance, we will visit the oldest tree in the region, more than a thousand years old. In addition, we will dive into clear waterfalls in the region and swim every afternoon in the pristine waters of the sea. Also, there will be the possibility to play the Transformation Game, a tool for self reflection and realisation which was created in Findhorn.

Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch are both longstanding members of the Findhorn community. They are inspired to share the most powerful yet simple tools they know for living in harmony as one human family on our beautiful planet Earth. Barbara and Fabien regularly lead guest weeks in Findhorn; however, this is the first time they are offering this program in Greece. Come and join us for this joyful and transformative week!

For more information or any queries,  please email the leaders.

findhorn music









Akashic Records Workshop

Saysay Woman

Transformation with the Akashic Records, 15 – 22 August 2020 with Vicky Sweetlove, €450-600

Akashic Wisdom is a journey of self discovery and transformation and change working in the Akashic Records of yourself and others.

On this Akashic Records workshop you will know how to let go of the patterns that no longer serve you and listen to your heart and not your head, the ego which chatters to us all the time. We can then be more thoughtful and guided in our outlook for ourselves and others around us

You will learn to take more notice of the messages from nature and the synchronicities that you are shown every day that can help to inspire you on your true journey to be passionate, loving and givng in order to be fulfilled in your life.

Knowing you can change the past

You will be doing “mirror work,” looking deep into your body. In addition, you’ll work with a timeline of your past, present and future. This work helps you to identify your shadowside. Carl Jung calls the Shadowside “90% pure gold”. Working in your own Akashic Records with Akashic wisdom we delve into past life experiences and childhood traumas. We discover what is inherited in our DNA and our ancestry since all have an affect on our lives.

Akashic records group

The work with the Akashic Records will help you to understand the shadowside and accept it with love. In that way we come to understand other people’s conflicts and problems. This  heart centred approach makes us grateful for our own blessings in the lessons we will be learning from the shadowside.We are able then to release our “poor me scenarios” as we see  our  journey one of self discovery, We are able then to let go of limiting beliefs and values that we have all been taught since childhood.

We will be painting, crafting a ladder of life and doing journeying meditations as well as working with a partner. Come and join us for a fun transformative week in the Akashic Records.

For More Information About the Akashic Records

Contact Vicky at <>


mob +44 7885 945008,  +44(0)1279 654129