About Ben Gaddes

Ben Gaddes is an experienced psychotherapist, group facilitator, and long-distance hiker. He has facilitated men’s groups and retreats for the past 10 years throughout the United States, and has worked as a psychotherapist with groups, individuals, and families in residential treatment, prison, and outpatient settings. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His research and clinical interests include archetypal, imaginal, liberation, and eco- psychologies; sexual violence prevention; and the psychiatric recovery, and other do-it-yourself healing movements. To this training he brings his sharp facilitation skills, courageous heart, and old-soul intuitions about the psyche.


About Heiko Geritzmann

Heiko is a certified Life Coach working with women and men in the field of Leadership, Mindfulness, Intimacy, Relationships and Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing®). Since 2012, Heiko has been running workshops in the UK and Europe.  He is AC (Association for Coaching), SEAUK (Somatic Experiencing Association UK) and RYT500 (Yoga Alliance USA) registered. Heiko is also a School of Being teacher.


About Olina Lorencova

I was born into a filmmaking family. My early years were spent in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. In 1968, when the Russian occupied my country, I emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany. After my internship, which I completed as a film editor in 1974, I moved to Spain. There I worked several years for the ZDF-TV in studio Madrid. During these years I was introduced to new alternative ways of life and to spirituality. My experience was further broadened through travelling to foreign countries. In the 80 this, when we moved to the countryside we tried to be self-sufficient and started an organic farm in Galicia, Spain. The contact with nature has enriched my life and since then I have the feeling that Lady Gaya gives me everything I need to live. In 1986 I moved back to Germany. I work as a freelance editor for different chanal HR, ZDF and SWR- TV. In 1996, after two-year I lived in the Community of Findhorn in Scotland, I took the courage to start making films myself. This creative work is a great passion of mine. Since then many films have been made. One of my favourite documentaries is about “Eileen Caddy, the Story of Findhorn”. The documentary “Pilgrimage to the heart of Tibet” has been shown several times in 3sat and Phonix, TV in Germany.
Filmmaking has been passed down for generations through my family, one of my sons is the fourth generation. I speak 5 languages.


About Amy McKinnon

Amy McKinnon is the creator and founder of Fire Soul Women’s Circle. She has always been passionate about bringing women together and has a gift for recognizing true potential and power that women have as individuals and collectively.
Amy has facilitated a variety of groups and workshops for 15 years, including bereavement groups, teen and parent groups, healing the child-self, Balance of Divine Masculine/Feminine workshops, and relationship counselling. She has a gift for creating safe, welcoming space for others to be themselves, to feel encouraged to heal if needed, to find stillness, or to see what they have not been able to on their own. Most group and workshop participants have a changed energy about them after their experience, feeling freer, drawn to laughter more, and feeling a sense of re-connection with themselves causing natural movement in alignment with their intentions and goals.
Amy works on balance within herself every day. She lives encouraged by the natural drive of life that brings her to heal the imbalances of Masculine vs Feminine perspective, understanding that some of our societal ways of thinking are outdated. Amy feels compassion for this, and understands it takes time to unlearn old ways and patterns.
Amy is a mother of 3 inspiring teachers and great leaders of their day. Being a mother is her most favourite experience of being human!! She is so deeply in love with these three incredible people!! She shares in a balanced, ever-changing relationship with her husband of 16 years, and loves being deeply in love and sharing in such a beautiful, unconditional experience.
As a whole, Amy is inspired by the moments when people realize their greatness and can see they are more than the world has told them. She is a gatherer of community. A muse that inspires the greatest in all of us!!!
Amy welcomes you!!


About Linda King

My professional life has been dedicated to creative self-development and healing work. As an intuitive creative I have always attempted to follow my inner call when heard and express my own Truth delighting in facilitating others to do the same. I come from a visual arts background and after studying Painting at Liverpool I moved to the East Coast of Yorkshire to set up a studio Gallery in Whitby where I met my first teacher and began my inner journey. I initially trained in Humanistic Psychology and Postural Integration, a form deep tissue bodywork which has always informed my practise, followed some years later with Person Centred Art Therapy training. I have recently completed training as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner beautiful, powerful and gentle healing work which resonates with my soul, calling me home to myself in many ways as I continue twisting and turning my way through life.

Over the past 30 years, I have held and facilitated Women’s circles and creative healing workshops and love collaborating and co-creating with others. I have been part of various Women’s collectives dedicated to adding more colour, joy and awareness to Life, including being a founder member of ‘Flying Ducks’ a loose collective of Women coming from varied arts background with a love and enthusiasm for Life and making things happen and ‘Celebrate Women’ a three-week event in Somerset blending art, music, storytelling, therapy alongside drinking cups of tea and eating cake.

My love of the Land and awareness of energy has shown through landscape painting, working with Labyrinths and Land Art and working alongside other healers, geomancers and Firewalkers. Being a mother has always been a central focus for my life. I am now also a grandmother and am blessed to be part of several intergenerational tribes and gatherings. Walking the path of the Sacred Feminine is not without its lessons and challenges. The journey continues, growth and change are inevitable. I have always valued embodied wisdom and consider my spirituality, creativity and sensuality as integrated and essential ingredients to my experience and ability to live life as fully and gracefully as possible as a Woman.


About Andrea Bärtig

I am currently running a small Permaculture Project in Northern Germany and training in vision-questing and coaching through connecting with Nature (Transformation in Natura).

I realised my inner healing attitude from an early age and I am now primarily ‘healing’ by supporting a process awareness around what is already happening with an empathic approach to self and others.

I have always been interested in transformation, a journey’s companion to life’s many processes.

I studied and practiced Classical Homeopathy in the UK for 25 years, as well as training and supervising homeopaths.

Since returning to Germany 10 years ago I have broadened my healing concept to include earth care, supporting soil health, our inner and outer interconnectedness with nature and how this impacts on all wellbeing.

Over the years I have added bits of wisdom from numerous sources including ‘Hakomi’ (Ron Kurtz), ‘Deep Democracy’ (Max and Ellen Schupbach) and from ‘Worldwork’ (Arnie and Amy Mindell) as well as others.

Community living has been a steady companion. I lived at ZEGG for 14 months and received some basic community awareness training there that continues to guide me in my participation in all the various communities I am involved with the most important being my family community. I am a mother and Grandmother.

In 2007 Linda and myself initiated ‘Midsummer Women’, an annual women’s camp in the Yorkshire Dales based on principles of ‘The millionth Circle’ by Jean Shinoda Bolan. This is an established space for women, self-organised and financed.

I have accompanied a number of community projects among them ‘Honolulu Leipzig’, a community project in Leipzig empowering young women to follow their calling beyond the conventional.

I seek to live the creative life in all her manifestations. I am also radical knitter and textile designer.


About Neil Pinnock

Neil has been dancing 5Rhythms for 17 years and trained with Gabrielle Roth in 2008. He is passionate about the transformative power of the 5Rhythms in bringing people in touch with who they really are. His background includes teaching and performing, Tai Chi, yoga and Shamanic Druidry. He holds a M.A. in Dramatherapy and as a ‘change agent’ he provides wisdom, skills and compassion to assist others with their personal growth and potential.

Having lived on the land and been a regular teacher at the Wildways Community in Shropshire, Neil loves working close to nature and is thrilled to be returning to teach, dance and be in community here in the woods at Anilio for this week of workshops and community living by earth, sea and sky.

“What I love about Neil is that he is total in his dance.” Gabrielle Roth

“Neil is a gifted and generous teacher. His dance floor is place of permission as he welcomes in both the wildness and the tenderness of the human heart. He holds a clear and compassionate space and inspires us to investigate our sweet and soul-filled selves, as we dive deeper into the dance.”
Tess Howell 5R’s teacher


About Corey Tyler Larsen

The organizer of this community week is Corey Tyler Larsen who has over ten years of experience with the ManKind Project, including participating in numerous leadership and facilitation trainings, MKP’s Leader In Training program, organizing and facilitating many I-Groups and I-Group trainings, and staffing of multiple New Warrior trainings. Corey also served as the Center Director for the New England MKP Community for one year in 2011. He is currently teaching Writing, Design Thinking, and Leadership and is the Director of the peer tutoring center at Bryant University Zhuhai in southern China.


About Bayari Lou Beegan

Devotional massage/touch
Potion creations

Bayari has a lifelong love of nourishing others on a physical and soul level. Her passions include creating warm, loving spaces and helping others connect with their true essence.

Bayari’s work with shamanic practitioners unlocked a unique healing gift. Offering a fresh contemporary take on ancient knowledge and rituals, she creates sessions that nurture the receiver at a deep soul level. She offers Tantric and intuitive healing 1-2-1 sessions.

Since 2010, Bayari has been inspired by the teachings of the guru Osho and she received the name “Ma Anand Bayari”, translated as “Blissful Breeze”, during her initiation as a sannyasin (spiritual seeker). When in India, she works as a healer at the Zorba The Buddha Retreat Centre, Delhi.

Bayari is the creator of Beauty by Bayari – a unique range of potions for bath, body and soul. She offers a wide range of influences and brings an infectious energy to the workshop space.

Her sessions include:

Potions for inner alchemy & self-love

Indian head massage
Sacred Feet – devotional washing of the feet
Sharing circles
Stretch & meditation sessions
Personalised potions – talk session about what they’d like to work with then create aura spray or massage oil
Golden Reflection – holding space for listening, then offering reflections if desired.