Lisa Grezo

Lisa is a Somatic Consent Empowerment Facilitator, ConsentLab Facilitator, Tantric Journey Educator, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Certified TRE Provider and Clarity Breathwork Facilitator. But more importantly she is a truth seeker and committed to her own path of continuous growth. She has had healing experiences that were traumatizing rather than healing and knows the power of being able to create safety in the body and from that place make conscious choices. Somatic Consent changed all her relationships, in particular the one she has with herself. She loves the continuous journey that life presents her and feels so grateful to be able to share her teachings and experiences with others. Her website is

Events with Lisa Grezo

Connection, Consent and Choice
June 21 - 28, 2023

We all need touch and connection. But how do you go about getting these needs met? In this workshop you will learn a simple but profound tool for negotiating connection with others, based on consent. This workshop will help you connect to your authentic self — all of you. When…