Karis Mae

Karis Mae is a trauma-informed group facilitator, authenticity advocate and connection nerd. She holds spaces for people to experience a deeper and richer connection with themselves and others. Her passion

is to get to the heart of being human; to dive into the depths of relating where authenticity and vulnerability meet. She brings warmth, groundedness and playfulness into her group work on intimacy, relating, self-love and embodied consent.

Karis is a graduate of The Field Facilitator Training and has trained with intimacy teacher Jan Day and consent teacher Matthias Schwenteck. Her path has been touched by many modalities and teachings over the last 14 years, including yoga, tantra, meditation, satsang, radical honesty, consent, embodiment, dance and authentic relating.


Events with Karis Mae

Connection, Consent and Choice
August 31 - September 7, 2024

We all need touch and connection. But how do you go about getting these needs met? In this workshop you will learn a simple but profound tool for negotiating connection with others, based on consent. This workshop will help you connect to your authentic self — all of you. When…