Gabrielle Haslauer

Gabrielle, originally from Austria, loves Greece, dancing in the forest and living in community with others on a path of inner listening and spiritual development. Being in Kalikalos provides all of this! She has been in connection with Kalikalos since 2016 in various roles, such as kitchen-focaliser, FIR offering energy-healing-treatments, workshop-participant and volunteer. She loves coming to Kalikalos because it is the one place where all her passions and skills flow together in a creative way.

Gabrielle’s passion is her own spiritual development. Over the last 2 decades she explored various disciplines and gained education and experience in practices integrating body, mind and spirit. She is thrilled to be offering her knowledge, skill and experience as a workshop co-leader this season.

Events with Gabrielle Haslauer

The Heart of Transformation
July 1 - 8, 2023

NEW FOR 2023! Wisdom teachings and practices for living a wholehearted human life. Do you long to understand and transform your habitual patterns? Are you seeking strategies for inner change and immediate impact? Have you ever wondered where to find companions on the journey of personal transformation?  The Heart of…