Chris Headland

Chris joined Kalikalos as a FIR 2022 actively seeking community living having been on my radar to experience for at least 30 years and share some skills. A Shaman, Peace Pipe Circle Woman. An Earth Healer Workshop Facilitator and Therapist. Working in the local community through workshops and 1-1s. Endeavouring To walk the middle pathway. Enjoying life and seeing the beauty in my journey through life, encouraging others

Winter Online Series Offering

February 20: Working Collaboratively (Minimum number of bookings is three)

Brief introduction on the basis of where I am. Then working in focus groups sharing information from these. Beginning with discussing how working collaboratively is an easy goal.

Initially this seems to be a an easy goal

As a Sound Healer working in harmony with self and others is I feel crucial!

What about the goals and aspirations of the Community when hosting and when going through the post hosting phase how does this impact? Burn out?

Our individual starting point is its impact relevant?

There is no I or ego in collaboration

Is How and Why essential to our understanding and success?

The role of Sensitivity Self and to the Community

As a facilitator what other points to discuss?

Where does experience sit within this? I am aware I am only questioning from a short experience last year

Plenary where to now?

Thought No one person has all the answers.